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KERALA STATE RUTRONIX, set up by Government of Kerala in 1990 under the administrative control of Industries & Commerce Department, has been empowering the youth, especially women, through the usage of modern technology, affordable computer education and employment-oriented IT based training programmes. KERALA STATE RUTRONIX has reached its presence throughout the State and has established a unique identity of its own. It has implemented several software projects for several public sector organizations under the Government of India and the State Government, as well as for international agencies like the W.H.O.

As part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of our State and with the aim of empowering women through modern technology, KERALA STATE RUTRONIX had launched and successfully implemented programmes in software technology to provide 'Employment Oriented Computer Training at Affordable Cost to All'.

India lives in its villages

- Mahatma Gandhi

House of CAD

House of CAD is an elevating initiative by KERALA STATE RUTRONIX aiming to emphasize skill development, inculcate innovation, employment opportunities and entrepreneurial skills. This program can be considered for intermediate level of learners. The emphasis of this program is to give insight in CAD, CAE, CAM, BIM, Interior Design and development of Additive Manufacturing Technology, through a certified course.

House of CAD aims to focus on learners to get skilled from basics to a professional level. It enables the students to innovate their future using this course. The main theme of this course is to make innovation in one desk. The unprecedented demand for ready to work professionals are increasing day by day in multinational and cooperate companies. Hence, House of CAD makes a giant leap by fulfilling the candidate's needs to promote them to better future.